Transtec® Bonded Pistons

The finest bonded piston quality and availability

binded pistons

Corteco is the aftermarket business of Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies, the largest producer of elastomeric seals and custom-molded products with annual revenues over $1 billion.

The combined resources of Freudenberg- NOK Sealing Technologies integrate American, German and Japanese technology to produce state- of-the-art sealing components, including bonded piston seals.

TransTec® bonded pistons are put through rigorous quality control tests in the most demanding environments so their performance will never be questioned. TransTec® apply clutch bonded pistons are cycle tested in clutch assemblies under the same pressures and temperature ranges demanded of OEM pistons. From idle pressure frozen environments to wide-open throttle pressure at extreme heat, TransTec® apply clutch bonded pistons deliver superior performance.

binded pistons

TransTec® bonded pistons are available exclusively in TransTec® transmission kits packaged in our newly designed and easily recognizable "Black Box". It???s your assurance you have the finest transmission components delivering superior performance. Original equipment quality and design for the aftermarket.