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TransTec® Pan Gaskets Rank #1 in Quality and Dependability 

The quality and performance of any gasket depends on the manufacturing process and the product components. TransTec® pan gaskets have got you covered, and to prove it, we put our pan gaskets to the test! Our certified Product Technicians performed a series of evaluations in the Freudenberg NOK Research and Development Lab in Milan, Ohio, and compared the TransTec® pan gasket material to competitor for swelling resistance, torque retention, and pressure leakage. Watch the video to see the testing and results for yourself.

SPOILER ALERT: In each instance, TransTec® pan gaskets were rated as top performer.

Testing Proves TransTec® Pan Gaskets are Superior in Quality and Dependability

Test 1: Saturation Swelling

In the first test, we measure the percentage of gasket swell for each sample after the material is placed in a transmission fluid bath and heated in an oven at 250° F for 15 hrs.

The TransTec® Pan Gasket sample shows the least amount of swelling at 7.53%. 11″

Test 2: Torque Retention

In test 2, we measure the percentage of torque loss when each pan gasket sample is torqued to 80 in/lbs then submerged in fluid, and placed in an oven at 250° F for 15 hrs.

The TransTec® Pan Gasket sample measures only a 22.5% loss.

Test 3: Pressure Loss

In the final test, the pan gasket is checked for any leakage when the it is torqued to the manufacturer’s specifications, heat cycled and then pressurized to 6 psi. (In a real world environment the pan gasket does not see anything more than residual pressure. However, for testing purposes, we pressurized the gaskets to amplify any leak potential.)

The TransTec® Pan Gasket had no signs of leaking, while the competitors showed a slight amount of leakage.

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TransTec® automatic transmission seal kits continue to be produced with the same high quality and dependability as when the brand debuted in the automotive aftermarket in 1978. As a brand of Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies, the world’s largest producer of sealing products, TransTec® is the only aftermarket overhaul kit brand that is both an original equipment manufacturer and holds ISO-9000 certification. These are just a few of the many reasons why more transmission professionals install TransTec® kits than all other brands combined.

TransTec® Transmission Seal Kits available worldwide

TransTec® brand transmission seal kits have been supplied to the automotive aftermarket since 1978 and are available through distributor all around the globe.

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