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TransTec® Radial Shaft Seals

Not All Shaft Seals are the Same — Know How to Identify the Problems

Leaks can occur when your seal has a poor lip design, and can be compounded by poor manufacturing processes and lower cost materials. Lack of pumping action from a poorly designed helix, and an overly tight I.D. can also be detrimental to a good seal. Many technicians believe a tighter fit is a better sealing product. The truth is, an overly tight fit often means the seal will fail prematurely due to increased friction. Be aware of the warning signs:


An increase of friction, generates heat and reduces the pumping action of the seal.


The combination of friction, heat and reduced pumping actions, causes “coking” to occur; the liquid oil turns into a solid residue.


Coking affects the pumping action of the seal, and in turn, results in extra wear and a shorter life span of the seal.

Testing Proves TransTec® Shaft Seals from Freudenberg-NOK are Superior in Quality and Dependability

Product Testing Results

A side by side comparison shows that the competitor’s seal wore 5X’s more than the Freudenberg-NOK seal when put through standard seal testing required by major manufacturers such as GM, Ford, and FCA.


Lip Wear Into Helix Bars = 0.27 mm


Lip Wear Into Helix Bars = 1.51 mm

With Radial Shaft Seals, You Get What You Pay For

TransTec® Radial Shaft Seal from Freudenberg-NOK
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured to create the best seal performance and longevity
  • Knife trim lip which has less chance of leaking, especially at initial use
  • Even and consistent helix contact with the shaft for maximum fluid pumping
Competitor Radial Shaft Seal
  • Uses a molded lip – which has a higher tendency to initially leak
  • Smaller inner diameter of the seal causes a tighter fit on the shaft, causing accelerated wear
  • Helix contact with the shaft is not consistent

Professional Automatic Transmission Seal Kits and Tools

TransTec® automatic transmission seal kits continue to be produced with the same high quality and dependability as when the brand debuted in the automotive aftermarket in 1978. As a brand of Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies, the world’s largest producer of sealing products, TransTec® is the only aftermarket overhaul kit brand that is both an original equipment manufacturer and holds ISO-9000 certification. These are just a few of the many reasons why more transmission professionals install TransTec® kits than all other brands combined.

TransTec® Transmission Seal Kits available worldwide

TransTec® brand transmission seal kits have been supplied to the automotive aftermarket since 1978 and are available through distributor all around the globe.

Need to ID the Transmission in a Specific Vehicle?

Access the TransTec® Online Transmission Application Guide — the original guide to automatic transmissions by vehicle.

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