Overhaul Kit HONDA 5 SPEED 2007-UP (w/o Pistons / B36A P36A PGRA PV1A PN4A BDHA BK3A MM2A B97A P79A BBSA)

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Contains all of the soft parts you need to rebuild a transmission.

The TransTec® Automatic Transmission Overhaul kit includes everything you need for a complete repair, including all gaskets, seals and o-rings.

  • TransTec® kits include everything needed to allow for the most complete rebuild and primarily use OEM or OE manufactured components

Vehicle Coverage

Vehicle Manufacturer Vehicle Model Vehicle Model Year
Vehicle Manufacturer Vehicle Model Vehicle Model Year
Acura TL 2007
Acura TL 2008
Acura TL 2009
Acura TL 2010
Acura TL 2011
Acura TSX 2010
Acura TSX 2011
Acura TSX 2012
Acura TSX 2013
Acura TSX 2014
Honda Accord 2008
Honda Accord 2009
Honda Accord 2010
Honda Accord 2011
Honda Accord 2012
Honda Accord Crosstour 2010
Honda Accord Crosstour 2011
Honda Crosstour 2012
Honda Crosstour 2013
Honda Odyssey 2007
Honda Odyssey 2008
Honda Odyssey 2009
Honda Odyssey 2010
Honda Odyssey 2011
Honda Odyssey 2012
Honda Odyssey 2013
Honda Pilot 2009
Honda Pilot 2010
Honda Pilot 2011
Honda Pilot 2012
Honda Pilot 2013
Honda Pilot 2014
Honda Pilot 2015