Product Feature: ZF8HP45 D-Clutch Bonded Lip Seal Tool Kit and Piston Kit

The TransTec® ZF8HP45 D-Clutch Bondded Lip Seal Tool Kit allows you to directly service the bonded lip seal that is riveted to the D-clutch drum, instead of replacing the entire drum assembly. These kits work in conjunction with both TransTec® piston kits (as shown in the videos) and TransTec® overhaul kits with pistons, allowing you to easily service all makes and models that use ZF 8-speed units. There are three (3) kits available — click the links to learn more about each kit:

ZF8HP45, 845RE D-Clutch Bonded Lip Seal Tool Kit: TransTec® Item No. 71018471 — Learn more

ZF8HP55 D-Clutch Bonded Lip Seal Tool Kit: TransTec® Item No. 49445652 — Learn more

ZF8HP70 and ZFHP90 D-Clutch Bonded Lip Seal Tool Kit: TransTec® Item No. 49445650 — Learn more

TransTec Products for ZF8HP45 Automatic Transmission

Gear Seal Kit
Overhaul Kit 8HP45 2010-UP (w/o Pistons)
Overhaul Kit 8HP45 2010-UP (w/ Pistons)
Piston Kit
Sealing Ring Kit – (9 Plastic)

Automatic Transmission Seal Kits and Tools

TransTec® automatic transmission seal kits continue to be produced with the same high quality and dependability as when the brand debuted in the automotive aftermarket in 1978. As a brand of Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies, the world’s largest producer of sealing products, TransTec® is the only aftermarket overhaul kit brand that is both an original equipment manufacturer and holds ISO-9000 certification. These are just a few of the many reasons why more transmission professionals install TransTec® kits than all other brands combined.

TransTec® Transmission Seal Kits available worldwide

TransTec® brand transmission seal kits have been supplied to the automotive aftermarket since 1978 and are available through distributor all around the globe.

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