Electronic Power Steering


As a professional power steering repair business, you’ve felt the impact of the automotive industry moving away from hydraulic steering components and replacing them with electronic power steering (EPS) modules and assemblies. These changes have presented numerous challenges to steering repair shops. Gone are the days of simply rebuilding the racks as you always have by replacing seals, bushings, bellows, hardware, everything needed to restore the rack to premier condition. These new electronic modules and assemblies require new tools to diagnose the problem and new tools (and a new skill set) to fix the problems. And that’s where TransTec® comes in. TransTec has been your partner for over 35 years by providing the highest quality repair solutions and sealing technologies for all your power steering and driveline needs. And now we’re here to help you make the transition to EPS repairs with two (2) programs designed to to help you regardless of where you are in your EPS journey.

Currently, over 92% of new vehicles have EPS while only 6% are hydraulic.

TransTec® EPS Module Rebuild & Return Program

Our new EPS Module Repair & Return service was designed to help shops in the U.S. expand their steering repair services to later model Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles without adding overhead or complexity to your operation. With TransTec, you can now say “Yes” to services traditionally available only at the dealership level.

Power Steering Shop EPS Transition Program

Whether you’re just starting to think about making the change to offering EPS repairs, or you’ve made the decision but you don’t know how to get started, or you’ve made the change to EPS but need help with your process or the parts you’re using to service your customers, TransTec is your partner that can help you offer your customers the very best in rebuilds.

Essential Tools for Electronic Power Steering Shops

In addition to our power steering seal kits and components, TransTec has also developed an array of tools specifically designed for today’s power steering shop. From gasket removal solutions to tools and kits for that allow you to service specific EPS racks — TransTec is developing the tools you need to improve the productivity and profitability of your shop.

TransTec® Power Steering Seal Kits and Tools available worldwide

TransTec® brand power steering seal kits and tools have been supplied to the automotive aftermarket for over 35 years and are available around the globe.

TransTec® Power Steering Seal Kits available Online

TransTec® has recently partnered with Power Steering Seals to make our kits and tools available for immediate purchase online. Please click the button below to see the complete offering and place your order today.

Looking to Transition Your Shop to Electronic Power Steering?

TransTec® makes it easy for you to get into the EPS game — or become more profitable in it. Whether you are just getting started or looking to improve your EPS business, we can help get your shop up and running to increase your shop’s revenue and improve your profitability.

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