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In recent years, your power steering repair business has felt the impact of the automotive industry moving away from hydraulic steering components in favor of electronic power steering (EPS) modules and assemblies. These changes have presented numerous challenges shops like yours and if you’ve reached this page, it’s likely because you’ve realized that servicing electronic power steering modules and assemblies yourself is the key to not only stay in the power steering repair business, but also capture a larger share of the repair and increase your revenue and profitability in the process.

TransTec has been your partner for over 35 years by providing the highest quality repair solutions and sealing technologies for all your power steering and driveline needs. And now we’re here to help you make the transition to EPS repairs regardless of where you are in your EPS journey with our 3-Step Power Steering Shop EPS Transition Program. Our program makes it easy for you to get into EPS — or become more profitable in it — and we’ll guide through every step to help you offer your customers the very best in rebuilds.

What Types of Shops Was the TransTec Power Steering Shop EPS Transition Program Designed For

  • Shops that do NOT currently service EPS but are thinking about making the change
  • Shops that have made the decision to transition to EPS rebuilds but don’t know how to get started
  • Shops that have made the change to EPS, but need help with their process or the parts they’re using to service their customers

The TransTec® Power Steering Shop EPS Transition Program

Learn It. Diagnose It. Rebuild it Right.


Before you can offer EPS repair services, you have to understand EPS and the fundamental differences from hydraulic assemblies. TransTec is dedicated to helping you understand EPS through education and ongoing training. And we stay involved in your shop’s transition into EPS from the moment that you decide to partner with TransTec with ongoing webinars, seminars, and new rebuild kits and components will help you continue to build your power steering business around EPS.


The first step in repairing any steering assembly — whether electronic or hydraulic — is diagnosis. But when it comes to EPS, visual inspection won’t provide the path to repair because within the electronic assembly, there is an electronic board and circuitry, an electric motor, and a torque sensor that can all potentially fail. And that’s why a diagnostic tool along with an OBD-II scan tool for troubleshooting will become the centerpieces of your EPS business. These tools will help you validate the electronic components within the system and quickly understand the level of repair required beyond a mechanical overhaul. The Vcarsys is our flexible diagnostics tool that utilizes the built-in OBD-II functions of a vehicle combined with simulated vehicle driving dynamics. It’s an effective and efficient way of evaluating and validating the electronic function of EPS units.


If the diagnostic process indicates an electronic failure, you’ll have two options: repair and/or replacement of the electronics. This is where you’ll need to decide what works best for your business. Do you want to repair the electronic components yourself or simply have them replaced? Either way, TransTec can help every step of the way by training your staff on repairs or, for our U.S. customers, by using our EPS Module Repair & Return Program — simply remove the electronic module and send it to us to be repaired and reprogrammed. We’ll quickly return the repaired and tested module to you for installation on the rebuilt rack assembly. Our modules are backed by a 12-month and 12,000-mile limited warranty.

Of course, if diagnostic process shows no electronic failure, you’ll know the issue is isolated to the rack and you’d repair as you always have by replacing seals, bushings, bellows, hardware, everything needed to restore the rack to premier condition. And when it comes to rebuilding the rack the right way, you can’t do better than using TransTec® sealing technology. As a brand of Freudenberg-NOK, the world’s largest producer of OE sealing products, our seals and components are sourced more by original equipment manufacturers globally than any other aftermarket brand. We stand behind our products so that you can stand behind your work. Rebuild it right with TransTec®.

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