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The Original Guide to Automatic Transmissions by Vehicle

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As a brand of the world’s largest manufacturer of OE sealing components, TransTec’s mission has always been to help you “Rebuild it Right”. That’s why in 1996, we began developing and printing the Original Guide to Automatic Transmissions by Vehicle. This “flip guide” quickly became the ultimate reference resource for transmission professionals everywhere. The 2022 NAFTA version covering import and domestic applications through model year 2021 and  is now available — please fill out the form to request your copy today.

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Need to ID the Transmission in a Specific Vehicle?

Access the TransTec® Online Transmission Application Guide — the original guide to automatic transmissions by vehicle.

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TransTec® Transmission Seal Kits and Tools available worldwide

TransTec® brand transmission seal kits and tools have been supplied to the automotive aftermarket since 1978 and are available through transmission parts distributors all around the globe.

TransTec® brand automotive replacement parts offer the highest quality available in the aftermarket. TransTec products contain the same quality, design, and materials supplied to Original Equipment Manufacturers globally. When it comes to automotive sealing components, TransTec is a name you can trust for World Class automotive parts and dependability.

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