While our solutions have traditionally been focused on the needs of the transmission shop, our world-class processes, ISO 9001 Certified facility, and management practices allow us to deliver custom-tailored solutions for volume transmission rebuilders and other unique or regional customers.

For instance, here are just two of the ways we provide flexible solutions to the unique markets we serve:

  1. Customized packaging is available for volume transmission rebuilders (VTRs) with a station setup. Parts can be packaged in multiples with their own part numbers for individual rebuild stations.
  2. We can provide individual solutions that allow you to service parts that are not readily available otherwise. Examples of this type of solution include ways to service a “wear item” without replacing an entire planetary, tooling parts that aren’t available in OE, and adjustments to kits for regional variants.

To learn more about how TransTec innovative solutions can help your business, please contact us directly.


Professional transmission and power steering rebuilders trust and install TransTec kits more than all other kits combined...