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In addition to our trusted sealing kits and components, TransTec’s technical and practical expertise in the transmission rebuild, power steering, and heavy duty automotive industries have allowed us to develop tools that will help improve the productivity and profitability of your shop while helping you “Rebuild it Right”.

Two-Piece Pinion Shaft Tool Kit for Nexteer EPS Rack

The TransTec® Two-Piece Pinion Shaft Tool Kit is an all in one kit design for the full tear down of the Nexteer EPS rack. This kit can remove seven (7) different variations of the pinion, the spanner nut and the EPS encoder ring.

2015-2017 Ford F150 and Mustang Encoder Puller

This puller expands the coverage of our Two-piece Pinion Shaft Tool Kit (Part # 49441418) to include 2015 and newer Ford vehicles with smaller encoder rings.

2016-2019 Ford Explorer Spanner Nut Socket

This custom built socket removes the spanner nut that retains the main rack bearing in this unit. By preventing damage to this OE component you save time and money. The Spanner Nut Socket is necessary for tearing down the rack and pinion.

2016-2019 Ford Explorer Pinion Nut Socket

Our ultra-thin design removes the pinion nut without damaging the bore. As many rebuilders use machine shops to build custom fit sockets that cost additional time and money, this tool removes all the guess work and “one off” tooling dollars!

2010-2012 Ford Fusion Socket, Lower Pinion Housing Nut

This socket completes our full line up of replacement parts for the 2010-2012 Ford Fusion rack. It’s designed for a perfect fit and prevents cosmetic damage, now making the Pinion plug reusable. Use this Lower Pinion Housing Nut to disassemble the rack and pinion.

Gasket Wizard

With Gasket Wizard from TransTec®, you can quickly, easily, and thoroughly remove gasket paper from separator plates with no scraping and no accidental scratching or gouging.

ZF8HP Series D-Clutch Bonded Lip Seal Tool Kits

These essential tools allow you to directly service the bonded lip seal that is riveted to the D-clutch drum, instead of replacing the entire drum assembly. These kits work in conjunction with both TransTec® piston kits and TransTec® overhaul kits with pistons, allowing you to easily service all makes and models that use ZF 8-speed units.

Need to ID the Transmission in a Specific Vehicle?

Access the TransTec® Online Transmission Application Guide — the original guide to automatic transmissions by vehicle.

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TransTec® brand kits have been supplied to the automotive aftermarket since 1978, establishing a name synonymous with quality and dependability. As a brand of Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies, the world’s largest producer of sealing products, our transmission, power steering, and heavy duty kits can be found all around the world.