Your Partner in Transitioning to Electronic Power Steering Rebuilds

Learn It. Diagnose It. Rebuild it Right.

You know power steering, and so does TransTec®. We’ve been supplying power steering components and sealing technology to rebuilders and shops like yours for over 35 years now. So you know, just like we do, that the industry is changing from a hydraulic to an electronic-based power steering assembly. And if you’ve reached this page, it’s likely for one of a few reasons*.

We make it easy for you to get into the EPS game — or become more profitable in it — as a partner that can help you offer your customers the very best in rebuilds. Whether you are just getting started or looking to improve your EPS business, our three-step process will get you up and running to increase your shop’s revenue and improve your profitability.

*Reasons Why You’re Here:

  • Your shop is NOT in EPS but you’re thinking about making the change
  • You’ve made the decision to transition to EPS rebuilds but you don’t know how to get started
  • You’ve made the change to EPS, but need help with your process or the parts you’re using to service your customers

The TransTec® Power Steering Rebuild Shop EPS Transition Process



We start with a 15-minute phone consultation to secure some market- and shop-specific information.



Once we gather the information in Step 1, we’ll begin our internal process of creating a plan to help you in your EPS business.

Our customized plan will include:Equipment recommendations with payback and financing plans; Customized training program; Diagnostic Tool recommendations, set-up, and training; Parts sourcing plan; Program installation plan and schedule.



Our TransTec® Install Team will arrive at your location for the installation of the product and training to get your team ready for EPS service.

Program Installation will include: On-Site equipment installation and testing; Training for your entire team; Post-Install Support Program including 1-week, 2-week, and quarterly follow-up sessions.

All it takes to get started is filling out a simple form.

The Components of Effective EPS Service

Learn It. Diagnose It. Rebuild it Right.


Learn It.

In order to stay in the power steering market, you have to learn to service electronic power steering and, ultimately, how it will improve your bottom line. It’s an opportunity to capture a larger share of the repair and increase your revenue and margins in the process. This is important to your business because by 2020, over 92% of new vehicles will have EPS while only 6% will be hydraulic. So to stay in the game, you have to be in the electronic game.

It’s not enough for TransTec® to engineer and produce electronic power steering components that meet or exceed OE quality, to offer the broadest coverage, and to be first to market. What’s equally important is that we are dedicated to helping you understand the opportunities that exist in EPS through education and ongoing training. We stay involved in your shop’s and staff’s transition into EPS from the moment that you decide to partner with TransTec®. Our ongoing webinars, seminars, and new rebuild kits and components will help you continue to build your power steering business around EPS.

Diagnose It.

When it comes to repairing an electronic vs. hydraulic steering assembly, the first step in both cases is diagnosis. But when it comes to diagnosing EPS, visual inspection won’t provide the path to repair. That’s because within the electronic assembly, there is an electronic board and circuitry, an electric motor, and a torque sensor that can all potentially fail. These are all components that require a diagnostic tool, like our Vcarsys, along with an OBD-II scan tool for troubleshooting. The Vcarsys is our flexible diagnostics tool that utilizes the built-in OBD-II functions of a vehicle combined with simulated vehicle driving dynamics. It’s an effective and efficient way of evaluating and validating the electronic function of EPS units.


The reason a diagnostic tool will become the centerpiece of your EPS business is that you will be able to quickly understand the level of repair required beyond a mechanical overhaul. And as your expertise in electronics continues to grow, so will your revenue and margins. The diagnostic process will lead you to the validation of the electronic components within the system. If the diagnoses show electronic failure, two options exist: repair and/or replacement of the electronics.

Rebuild It Right.

You may already have the capability to troubleshoot and diagnose EPS. That means you’re one step ahead of the competition, and we can help you stay there too. We only offer the Vcarsys as our way to get you into the EPS game, but we know it’s not the only diagnostic tool out there. However, when it comes to rebuilding an EPS unit the right way to help prevent comebacks, using TransTec® sealing technology and electronic components will lead to the highest quality rebuild jobs.

There are various scenarios that you will encounter with EPS units as well as options for repairing or replacing electronic components. Typically, the level of expertise in your business will dictate your approach. Mechanical overhauls remain a top concern, but you’ll need to decide if electronic component replacement or electronic component repair works best for your business. We can help — every step of the way.

Whether it’s a hydraulic or an electronic power steering rebuild, it’s all about using the best available components. As a brand of Freudenberg-NOK, the world’s largest producer of OE sealing products, TransTec® makes that promise to you.

Our seals and components are sourced more by original equipment manufacturers globally than any other aftermarket brand. We stand behind our products so that you can stand behind your work. Rebuild it right with TransTec®.

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