Valve Body Gasket Kit

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Includes all required gaskets for the rebuild and replacement of the valve body.

The TransTec® Automatic Transmission Valve Body Gasket kit includes all valve body gaskets required to service the transmission.

  • The TransTec® post cured paper is more dimensionally stable than standard paper

Vehicle Coverage

Vehicle Manufacturer Vehicle Model Vehicle Model Year
Vehicle Manufacturer Vehicle Model Vehicle Model Year
Infiniti G20 2000
Infiniti G20 2001
Infiniti G20 2002
Nissan Axxess 1990
Nissan Maxima 1985
Nissan Maxima 1986
Nissan Maxima 1987
Nissan Maxima 1988
Nissan Maxima 1989
Nissan Maxima 1990
Nissan Maxima 1991
Nissan Maxima 1992
Nissan Maxima 1993
Nissan Maxima 1994
Nissan Pulsar NX 1989
Nissan Stanza 1986
Nissan Stanza 1987
Nissan Stanza 1988
Nissan Stanza 1989
Nissan Stanza 1990
Nissan Stanza 1991
Nissan Stanza 1992