TransTec® Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Module Repair & Return Program

Start Growing Your Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Remanufacturing Business Today

Change is inevitable but growth is voluntary. As a professional power steering repair business, you’ve seen it all and TransTec® has been your partner for over 35 years by providing the highest quality repair solutions and sealing technologies for all your power steering and driveline needs.

As you well know, the automotive industry has moved away from hydraulic steering components and replaced them with electronic power steering (EPS) modules and assemblies. The problem is, many power steering repair shops are not set up to repair these new components.

That’s where TransTec comes in. Our new EPS Module Repair & Return service was designed to help shops in the U.S. expand their steering repair services to later model Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles without adding overhead or complexity to your operation. With TransTec, you can now say “Yes” to services traditionally available only at the dealership level.

What Type of Shop Was the TransTec EPS Module Repair & Return Program Designed For

  • Your shop is primarily hydraulic power steering but you hate turning away the EPS business
  • You have the team to rebuild the racks — but you don’t have the team to repair the EPS modules and assemblies
  • You’re in the process of evaluating how to get into EPS but you haven’t yet made the transition

The TransTec® EPS Module Rebuild & Return Program



Simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with a Return Number so we can track your return all the way through the process.



You continue to rebuild the racks as you always have by replacing seals, bushings, bellows, hardware, everything needed to restore the rack to premier condition. Then simply remove the electronic module and send it to us to be repaired and reprogrammed.



Our TransTec® Team will quickly return the repaired and tested module to you for installation on the rebuilt rack assembly. Our modules are backed by a 12-month and 12,000-mile limited warranty.

And just like that, you can be in the EPS repair business. All it takes to get started is filling out a simple form.

Looking to Transition Your Shop to Full EPS Repairs?

Currently, over 92% of new vehicles have EPS while only 6% are hydraulic.

We’d Love to Help.

As you’ve seen by the repairs that are flowing into your shop, EPS has completely overtaken hydraulic power steering and the industry is not going back. By 2020, 92% of new vehicles have EPS while only 6% are hydraulic. So while programs like the TransTec EPS Module Repair and Return can help you service vehicles that you weren’t previously able to, learning to service electronic power steering modules and assemblies yourself can help you not only stay in the power steering repair business, but also capture a larger share of the repair and increase your revenue and profitability in the process.

TransTec can help as you make the transition to EPS — whether you are just getting started or looking to improve your EPS business. Whether you’re just starting to think about making the change, or you’ve made the decision to transition to EPS rebuilds but you don’t know how to get started, or you’ve made the change to EPS but need help with your process or the parts you’re using to service your customers, TransTec is your partner that can help you offer your customers the very best in rebuilds. Click the button to learn more.

Get Your TransTec EPS Module Repair & Return Authorization Number

Please fill out the form below and one of our technical specialists will contact you with your EPS Module Repair and Return Authorization Number. Please note, for the moment this program is only available to Power Steering Repair Shops in the United States.