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TransTec® Post-Cured Valve Body Paper

TransTec® Post-Cured Valve Body Paper is Superior

TransTec® valve body paper goes through a post-cure process that increases the tensile strength of the paper and makes the material more stable. This process allows the paper to resist swelling and shrinkage due to humidity changes, and further eliminates the chance of gasket failure when employed. In our test labs, our Product Technicians conducted a series of tests to gauge the quality of our post-cured valve body paper against the competitor’s non-cured paper. Watch the video to see the tests and the results.

SPOILER ALERT: The TransTec® post-cured valve body paper proved to be the strongest and most reliable product in every test.

Testing Proves TransTec® Post-Cured Valve Body Paper is Superior in Quality and Dependability

Test 1: Blow Through

In our first test, transmission fluid is forced through a 1/4″ orifice with the valve body gasket material placed over it. We then measure the maximum amount of pressure the paper will withstand before the fluid pressure breaches through the gasket material.

The post-cured TransTec® paper was breached at 233 psi while our competitors standard valve body paper only made it to 149 psi.



Test 2: Blow Out

In the blowout test, we simulated a valve body channel plate with the design of our test fixture. We pressurized one channel and recorded the maximum pressure the valve body paper would withstand before blowing the gasket out into the next channel, creating a cross leak.

The post-cured TransTec® paper blew out into the parallel channel at 323 psi. Our competitor’s valve body paper blew out at 268 psi.



Test 3: Cross Leak

In the this test, the maximum pressure required to create a cross leak from a channel to an adjoining orifice is measured.

The post-cured TransTec® paper cross-leaked into the adjoining orifice at 1083 psi; our competitor’s paper cross-leaked at 830 psi.



Test 4 & 5: Tensile Strength and Elongation

The final tests are designed to measure the maximum amount of force the gasket will withstand before fracturing, and to measure elongation (how far the gasket paper will stretch before fracturing).

On average, both the stretch and elongation testing proved that the post cured TransTec® paper was 22% stronger than our competitors standard valve body paper.



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